The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European  student organisation supporting and improving international exchange of students. ESN is available at over 520 Higher Education Institutions in 39 countries. All our members are volunteers working for a better understanding between cultures.
On local level ESN sections help international students getting along in their new environment. They organise cultural activities such as trips to other cities, language tandems as well as parties. By doing so not only international but also local students are integrated and motivated to participate in an exchange program.

Germany has currently 31 sections in 29 cities. Our national board coordinates the cooperation between these sections, organises meetings regularly and helps wherever they can.

On the international level the international board represents the interests and rights of international students for example when meeting the European Commission. Also they organise international meetings where national boards as well as local members can meet.
On all three levels ESN is working on improving international exchange and giving support through its social projects such as SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility, continously evaluation of the Erasmus+ program through its ESNSurvey, strengthening training opportunities through STORY and raising awareness for Responsible Party. Further the promotion of opportunities on going abroad is realized through Mov'in Europe and its ambassadors.

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