Strengthening Training Opportunities for International Youth

This EU-funded project investigates the issues of accessibility, quality and recognition for both study and traineeship mobility programmes through a research study.


  • Improve the accessibility and quality of international traineeships.
  • Increase the awareness regarding the existence of such opportunities for youth.

Therefore, STORY main goals/objectives are related to

  • quality of learning mobility with focus on ERASMUS study mobility
  • quality of placements and internships including ERASMUS placements and Leonardo Da Vinci.

In order to achieve these goals the STORY project:

  • Analyses the impact and quality of training mobility programmes and survey obstacles and expectations observed by the main actors involved in training mobility (Students, HEIs, NAs and Hosting Companies/Organisations) .
  • Disseminates different supporting information, create awareness and provide guidance and information via the project website.

STORY also contributes with an online platform that aims at bringing together training providers and individuals seeking a training opportunity abroad.

STORY is an extended version of the successful PRIME project.