Mov'in Europe is an international project of ESN and the flagship project for 2014-2015.

The project aims to promoting mobility opportunities to local young people using the strength of ESN, namely our capacity to share real-life experiences. The project aims not only to promote Erasmus opportunities but also a wide variety of opportunity targeted at young people, students and young graduates (volunteering, travelling, learning, studying, internships, working).

Why Mov’in Europe?

Because mobility is a lifestyle. We, as ESN volunteers and international students, are experiencing this lifestyle. Our mission is to share it, spread it, to fully play our ambassadors' role, to make mobility opportunities more accessible, clearer and break all the barriers and obstacles to mobility, especially for young people. The unique way we can share our experiences, the unique way we can talk to people, the unique way we can dissipate fears gives us a duty to support the institutional promotion of mobility.

What is Mov’in Europe?

Mov'in Europe is an ESN campaign promoting mobility as a lifestyle, through the engagement of ambassadors in various local, national and international activities. Or in other words a way to give something back; to reach the local students and show them what mobility is thorough activities organised by your ESN section.


Mov'in Europe ambassadors

At the heart of the Mov'in Europe project lies the concept of ambassadors: we believe we need real-life experiences to promote mobility and to break fears and barriers. This is where the ambassadors comes into play. During the events organised by sections but also all along the year, ambassadors are the one informing, inspiring, sharing with, guiding the local young people willing to take the first step.


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