Local public transport (ÖPNV)

Information on the local transport can be found on www.nahverkehr-jena.de. With your Thoska you can use all city buses and trams for free. You have to pay for bikes and it's NOT permitted to take a bike with you between 7 and 10 a.m. and from 2 to 6 p.m. The good thing is that our trams even run 24/7. Your Thoska allows you to use all buses in the VMT area for free as well, i.e. you don't have to pay in Erfurt, Weimar, Gotha, Gera, and some smaller cities.

By long distance bus

Jena has bus connections with most Germans cities and even to other countries. The buses usually stop at the main bus station near the town centre and opposite Paradies railway station. FlixBus and DeinBus are two national providers. A general site informing about bus connections can be found here.

By train

Deutsche Bahn offers plenty of connections from Jena. With your (valid) Thoska you can use RE, RB, EB, and ABR trains in Thuringia for free. You can also take your bike with you, it's free in Thuringia as well. There are many special and regional tickets if you want to leave Thuringia, e.g. Ländertickets or Wochenende-Ticket. Some tickets are even valid for up to five people. So, check the homepage carefully or ask some Germans (:

By Mitfahrgelegenheit or car sharing

Find some people who have the same way and simply share a car, e.g. with BlaBlaCar. Of course, you can also rent your own car. The local car sharing provider is teilAuto.