ESN Jena... a non-profit incorporated association at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena which function it is to improve the integration of international students and cultivate tolerance in Jena and the region around it. At the same time we would like to help new international students to start their life here in Germany and bring foreign and German students together. This way we want to encourage everybody to go abroad and make this amazing experiences! We organize a diverse cultural programme every semester with theater events, sport activities, trips and parties. Our events are open for all German and non-German students.

The members of ESN Jena are students of all study courses who work voluntarily for the main mission of ESN: students helping students! We are all unified in the wish to make and present Jena as a friendly, world open and interesting town!



We were founded back in 1996 as a student group at the university and since then continously grew and developed. In 2000 we joined the Erasmus Student Network as the 5th section in Germany. Since then we have always been active and present in this amazing network that is now present in more than 450 Higher Education Institutions in 37 countries. So for example the first German president ever (Birgit Sens) was originally from ESN Jena and during our time within the network we also already hosted various events in our beloved city.


ESN Jena's work in a nutshell:

  • as local Erasmus initiative (LEI) we represent the interests of international students in Jena
  • we are a contact person at the Haus auf der Mauer (Internationales Centrum)
  • we work on and for the improvement of the contact between local and international students
  • we help integrating in Jena
  • we are student contact persons for questions and problems
  • platform for experiences and information of different people and cultures and contributing to the intercultural life of Jena
  • we offer services from students for students with students
  • we spread and live the European thought! :)

To stay up to date with our events we recommend to join the Facebook group for the current semester:

ESN Semestergruppe for 2018/19 on Facebook: Join the group!


Wanna join us?

We meet every Tuesday during lecture time at 6 p.m. at the Haus auf der Mauer. It's the first door to the right (more details here).

Any questions?

Write an e-mail to: info[at] We promise to answer as soon as possible.