Each year in June the Stifterlauf (Charity Run) organised by the Bürgerstiftung Jena takes place in Jena. The aim of this charity run is to collect money for the children project "Schatzheber". Participants are forced to walk or run as much laps as they can; for each lap a certain amount of money is donated by the sponsors.

At the 2nd Charity Run 2014 ESN Jena managed to run more than 3.500 laps with corresponds to 1.700 Euro of donations. With more than 150 international participants from more than 40 countries we finally won the Stifterlauf 2014. Also in 2015 we were the most successful team at the 3rd Stifterlauf with an amount of 1951km.

The next run takes place in the Paradies Park at June, 19th 2019. Therefore, we need your help: Run for your country and support the international ESN Jena team!

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