Welcome to Jena! Welcome to Paradies!

The city of...light, the seven miracles, science, Schiller, Zeiss etc.

Jena has a long history as a city of students, wine and optics. Today, we still have students, wine and optics but much, much more! Rather than introduce you to all the big and small sights of our city, we believe the better way is to figure them out on your own. However, we give you some tipps:


- Take a hike in the mountains, e.g. climb on top of Jenzig.

- Get on the top of the JenTower and enjoy the view.

- In summer take a look at the schedule of Kulturarena.

- Chill and relax in the Paradies.

- Ask locals or your mentor what they like here.


You might also check the official Tourist Information and Wikivoyage.