We have (almost) free SIM cards for you!

You just arrived in Jena and have no German SIM card yet? ESN Jena will help you. Through a special cooperation between ESN Germany and the mobile communication company Ortel we are able to provide you (almost) free SIM cards. These pre-paid cards are already charged with 7.50 Euro. So, you won't find any better deal in town.


What much is a card?
Basically it's for free but we charge 1 Euro due to legal reasons.

How can I get a SIM card?
The cards are available exclusively at our office. Please write an e-mail to info[at]esn-jena.de.

Which network the cards are using?
They use the E-Plus/O2 network with 1.800 MHz.

What are the Ortel rates?
For the basic rates and flatrates please see the PDF documents below.

What would you recommend?
We definitely recommend you to book at least on of the flatrates because you have no connection fees then.

Where can I find additional information?
There is more information in the booklet of the SIM card package. Of course, you can also ask us if you have further questions.